Kvass Chia Pudding

Kvass Chia Pudding

Kvass Chia PuddingI love chia pudding, it's such an easy breakfast and has been on repeat in our house for years. Chia seeds are not only highly nutritious but they also are a beautiful gut health food. Chia seed have  mucilage that swells up when soaked like this, turning a dry chia seed into a jelly like consistency. This gel is what makes them so great for your digestive tract as it helps everything slide on down.

4TBS chia seeds
250mls milk of choice
50mls Kvass
1TBS maple syrup (optional)
1tsp Vanilla (optional)

To garnish
Fresh berries
crunch - granola/nuts/hemp



To a clean jar add chia seeds, pour over your chosen milk and Beetroot Kvass.
Add in your vanilla and maple syrup (if using).

Stir together to combine making sure all the chia seeds gets wet.

Set in your fridge overnight or if making in the morning leave for approx 15-20mins to set
and swell.

The chia seed will absorb the liquid leaving you with a delicious custardy pudding.

Before eating, sprinkle your chia pudding with berries and something crunchy, this will remind you to chew as chia seed are so slippery its easy to swallow them down and bypassing that essential first step of digestion which is chewing.
I find chia pudding really filling so 1/2 cup seems to be enough as a serving.


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