Kvass Eggs aka Dinosaur Eggs

Kvass Eggs aka Dinosaur Eggs

I have 3 boys so a lot of my cooking needs to be appealing to them, especially if its something new. These Kvass eggs were introduced to my kids as 'Dinosaur eggs", when they were little, the name has stuck and they love them to this day.

Kvass has an incredible magenta colour from the fermenting the organic beetroot, it can be used as a natural food colouring in non heat treated foods like dips, dressings, ceviche, cocktails, jelly, semi-freddo, chia puddings and these eggs.

The staining ability of Kvass is intense, just take a look at your tongue after drinking a glass of Kvass, or look at the array of kids pink kvass mustaches on our insta highlights. The colour of Kvass just pops, especially when contrasted against the yellow yolk in this recipe.

I like to make these extra punchy as eggs can be a little bland so I really push the sour, salty flavours, feel free to adjust to your taste buds.

The recipe makes a really versatile egg for mixing in salads or as part of a grazing plate, you can kick it up a notch for adults with the addition of herbs and spices.

I would use these eggs within a week of making, like a traditional boiled egg.

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