Collection: Recovery

A careful curation of products for post sickness/surgery.

Please seek advise from your health care provider if fermented foods are contraindicated for your specific health needs. These are guides only and cannot replace personalised medical advise


Post op Guide - Gentle introduction of ferments to support your body in recovery and flushing of toxins.
50mls Kvass 1-2 times a day plus 1/2 Gut shot of choice daily is generally what we recommend.

Post Gastro - Gut shots "Support" and "Digest" along with Beetroot KVASS are fabulous as post gastro support, being both gentle and rejuvenating. Sip over ice or with sparkling water. Stay away from spicy ferments and yeast heavy ferments like Kimchi and Kombucha until fully recovered

Injury/inflammation - Activated Fermented Turmeric is a beautiful paste that can be used in warm drinks or food. Use sparingly and often, stirring the jar well after each use.