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Beetroot Kvass, single, 500ml bottle

Beetroot Kvass, single, 500ml bottle

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A wild fermented, beetroot infusion handcrafted in Newcastle NSW.

Beetroot Kvass is a delicious, unique probiotic tonic made from clean organic ingredients to nourish your body daily. Made with traditional methods of lactic acid fermentation, this a delightfully sour tonic is enhanced with a gentle carbonation to refresh the palate.

A single bottle will give you 1 week of daily shots.

Kvass is used as an energising probiotic, nourishing tonic for you and your family.

Serving suggestions:

Store and serve chilled, we recommend starting with 50mls up to twice a day.

Enjoy Beetroot Kvass as a shot or mix with sparkling water for a refreshing drink. Best enjoyed in the morning to allow time to utilise the bio active minerals and vitamins as well as the digestive enzymes.

As a workout tonic, take 30 mins pre and post exercise to aid endurance and recovery.

Beetroot Kvass is a living, raw, vegan, gluten free tonic.

No additives, preservatives, colours or nasties.

Made by nature, backed up by science.

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