Cultured Vegetable Trio

Cultured Vegetable Trio

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Small batch, hand crafted ferments made in our Kvassaria from organically grown seasonal ingredients.

A great way to add variety to your meals and enhance them with added nutrients and vitamins.

Our ferments are wild fermented, using all the magic that mother nature has provided, no starter cultures added, meaning you get a beautiful variety of beneficial bacteria adding to the diversity of your microbiome.

Our Kimchi - wombok cabbage, carrot, spring onion, garlic, ginger, Australian inland salt, red chilli powder.
Our kimchi is Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, Raw and addictive ;-)

Our Sauerkraut - green cabbages*, beetroot*, Australian inland salt. - *Organic ingredients. 
That's it!

Crunchy, sour and perfect next to your morning eggs or tossed through a salad. (substituted for another Kraut if unavailable)

Our Seasonal Pickles - Current seasonal flavour - Kohl Rabi, Carrot and Beetroot. We have some truly amazing produce around us and when working directly with the farmers we can access things at the height of their season. Fermenting allows me to capture the seasons, stretching it out that little bit longer.

Our trio is our most popular purchase, allowing for variety in your week and mix and match with different meals, this pack has 1 x kimchi, 1 x Sauerkraut and 1 x seasonal pickle