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Immunity Pack - 4 x Gut Shots 50mls

Immunity Pack - 4 x Gut Shots 50mls

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Our gut shots are designed to keep you thriving, restore balance and add natural probiotics to your body.
Made with wild live cultures our shots are Raw, Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free
and delicious.

VIGOUR - Kimchi Gut shot
Kimchi is used extensively in Korea for immune boosting properties, curbing colds and flu's and general health. Take straight up or use as a seasoning for foods sprinkle on meats, veggies, eggs or even make a unique Bloody Mary Cocktail.

DIGEST - Pickle Juice Gut Shot
Revitalising, soothing and bloat reducing. Pickle juice is full of natural digestive enzymes from the fermentation process. Take straight or add dash to your Sparkling water or salad dressing for a little zing. Great overall health tonic, energy booster and liver tonic.

SUPPORT - Kraut Gut Shot.
High in Magnesium and Vit C so especially good if you’re prone to muscle cramps including EAMC or want to support your immune system in times of stress. Perfect for pregnancy and those pesky pregnancy cramps.

BOOST - Hot Shot
Made from the golden liquid extracted our Seasonal Sauerkraut. This Gut shot has a little kick, enhanced but the infusion of raw ginger and turmeric root. Recommended when you need a good kick start, pre surf, workout, night out or if you need some intense anti inflammatory recovery.

Serve and store chilled.

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