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Zucchini Kimchi - Vegan

Zucchini Kimchi - Vegan

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Indulge in the bold flavours of our handcrafted Zucchini Kimchi - a symphony of certified organic zucchini, garlic, ginger with the addition of garlic scapes, chives and fiery Korean chilli. This artisanal delight embodies the perfect balance of spiciness, tanginess and mouthwatering sourness. With its unique spreadable texture ,our Zucchini Kimchi transforms every bite into a culinary adventure of organic goodness that's not just food - its an experience.



Serving suggestions.

Rice bowls/nourish bowls
sourdough toast with roasted pumpkin
Spicy drunken noodles
Roasted eggplant & kimchi dip with tahini

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