Collection: Children

We have curated a selection of products that are the most popular and best suited for kids.

Fermented foods can be a part of your child's life from a very young age, when needed, then part of their regular diet once on solids. 

This is the order in which recommend children start ferments (due in part to the salt  and chilli):

1. Beetroot KVASS
2. SUPPORT Gut Shot or Sauerkraut
3. DIGEST Gut Shot or Pickles
4. Kimchi

Under 1 year olds - We recommend a drip of Beetroot KVASS or Kraut juice (i.e., Support Gut Shot) if your child is under the weather e.g., gastro, flu, colds etc. A little goes a long way and at this age a drip is all they need on their tongue twice a day.

First foods - Once your little one is eating, feel free to add 1/2 teaspoon of either the juices or strands of sauerkraut and pickles to suck on. Don't be worried if they suck on the strand and throw it away, they will still be getting some good gut bugs. Ferments can also be blended into foods, used as dips/purees or added to drinks.
We recommend starting with just a drip of Beetroot KVASS on the tongue, building up to 10ml at a time, i.e., small doses offered regularly.

Preschoolers - These guys are great at self regulating and will usually eat more from your plate than their own so make sure you are mimicking what you want them to follow, monkey see monkey do. Choice and variety are key at this age.
Try 30-50ml of Beetroot KVASS and  1 teaspoon - 1 tablespoon of sauerkrauts and pickles.