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Nourish me box

Nourish me box

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Nourish me box

 A specialty box designed to help you maintain optimal gut health through nourishing and delicious ferments.

Regular daily consumption of fermented foods can help maintain a steady supply of nutrients, probiotics, vitamins, enzymes and minerals all which support the gut microbiome, healthy hormone regulation and your immune system.

Did you know 70% of our human immune system is produced in the gut and research shows that repeated daily consumption of probiotic rich foods are one of the best way to support it.

As microbial diversity is also key, we have selected ferments from our range that will provide you with variety of probiotics, flavour and nutrients.

Each box contains:

Beetroot Kvass is the bomb when it comes to ferments, it's a traditional fermented drink that is a rich source of minerals, vitamins and probiotics. It's a liquid which means it is readily absorbed, offering those bio available nutrients to your blood stream in no time.

Beetroot Kvass is known as a blood tonic, gently chelating the blood, supporting the functioning of the liver and kidneys, which are of course used to cleanse and detoxify our bodies.

Beetroot Kvass is also know for its B Vitamins, giving you energy and supporting digestion.

Lastly Kvass is full of natural nitrates which convert to nitric oxide dilating our blood vessels and oxygenating the cells for increased athletic endurance and faster recovery.

Sauerkraut and fermented pickles are a staple in our families diet and we know you're going to love them. These living, raw, organic ferments are designed to be served alongside your daily meals to assist digestion, add probiotcs and help with better uptake of the nutrients in your meals.

We suggest a spoonful next to your morning eggs or a layer in your sandwich, even a scoop next to your grilled meats at dinner. However you choose to eat it, regularly is the key.

Variants and flavours will vary through the seasons, please leave a note in your order if you have dietary or lifestyle preferences and we will do our best to accommodate you.

These liquids (like kvass) are readily absorbed into your blood stream.
Use straight by having a tablespoon at a time if your feeling under the weather 


Add a little splash of your Gut Shot to salad dressings, mayonaise, dips or smoothies for added probiotics or use it to culture things like cashew nuts to make a delicious cashew dip.

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