Collection: Pregnancy

A selection of our favourite products for preconception through to post partum.

What a beautiful time of life, when creating life.

Preconception - Beetroot is a great vasodilator and studies show that can be beneficial in the implantation stages of pregnancy assisting the embryo. Kvass also contains a myriad of essential vitamins and minerals used in pregnancy.

Pregnancy - Kvass is well know as a "blood tonic" and has traditionally been used to strengthen the placenta through pregnancy as well as helping with morning sickness, energy and general well being. Kvass also contains folate, essential for pregnancy. Our pickle and Kraut gut shots are high in bio-active Magnesium, which can assist in easing muscle cramps. Take the whole gut shot if experiencing cramps.

Labour Aid - Sparkling Kvass is a fabulous labour aid, replenishing a variety of electrolytes and B vitamins, all essential throughout labour.


 Please talk to your health care provider if fermented foods are contraindicated for your circumstances